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Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

One of my old roommates was visiting for the weekend, and asked me to meet up for lunch. I figured what better place to go than a Malibu restaurant right on the beach where the outdoor tables let you actually put your toes in the sand.



Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is one of my favorite places in Malibu. There’s just something about this restaurant that feels oh so California. Perhaps it’s the people dining in their swimsuits? Or the fact that surfers stopping in for a bite to eat between waves bring their surfboards to the table? Or maybe it’s how easy it is to grab something to go, and eat it on your beach towel with your feet in the water? No matter what it is, the atmosphere at this restaurant can’t be beat. I took my family here a few years ago, and they still talk about it!


Definitely make a reservation if you go on the weekend. When we got there the wait was almost 2 hours for people without reservations, so I was glad that I called ahead! Hannah and I still had to wait a little bit for our table to be ready, so we decided to head down to the water to take a few beach pictures and make the most of Hannah’s time in LA.





After eyeing everyone else’s drinks with envy while we waited for a table, when we sat down Hannah and I immediately ordered fun beachy drinks. Hannah got the Ice Cream Cocolada mainly because it was served in a coconut and had ice cream in it! The drink must have been good because it was gone in 30 seconds!


I ordered a strawberry daiquiri because I wanted a drink with a pretty flower and an umbrella. It was fine, but I would definitely try something else next time (and maybe order based on the drink and not the garnish)!


After seeing another table with this gigantic appetizer served in the biggest martini glass you’ve ever seen, we too chose Crispy Calamari as a starter. It arrived on a bed of fries which I also thought tasted great.



For our lunches, Hannah ordered the World Famous Tacos!!! (the exclamations are included in the menu!!!). Perhaps she had heard of them in Seattle, and couldn’t wait to give them a try? Since you can mix and match any 3, Hannah picked one BBQ Chicken Breast Taco, one Ocean Shrimp Taco, and one “The Best Fish” Taco. Clearly whoever wrote this item on the menu was very excited. And Hannah liked them a lot, so I guess the excitement is for good reason!!!


I ordered the Tuna Melt “Cove Style.” I’m guessing the “cove style” comes from the “Spicy Coyote Sauce?” It was good, and I loved how much cheese there was, but I would have preferred different bread. I love Paradise Cove’s Award-Winning Clam Chowder, so I wish I would have ordered that instead. In a Sourdough Bread Bowl of course!



Note: if you look at the menu online, the prices have since gone up. Sneaky, right? It’s only by a few dollars though, so don’t worry too much! I’m sure they’re just moments away from updating the prices online… right?

You can also eat inside if you go to the restaurant on one of the 4 days a year that it rains in California, or if it’s really cold outside (you know, about 65 degrees!). Every time I come to Paradise Cove, I always remember how I took my friend Amy here, and she was really cold and asked if we could sit in the entryway by the fire at a little table that was built to hold maybe 3 drinks. It was adorable, but I recommend going when it’s nice outside!


I love this restaurant, and definitely recommend it, especially if you have out of town visitors that you want to impress with how awesome California is. Hannah did used to live in LA, but still. Impressed.


For more information on Paradise Cove, click here. Now it’s time to hit the beach!



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  1. Great post Ashley, thank you. I love this restaurant, and your post just reminded me that I haven’t gone there in a while. I love their burgers and salad bar! Yummmmy.


  2. I went there a few years ago with my sister-in-law….We were staying in Palm Springs, but I had to see this most famous beach and bistro. We went on a Saturday, and you were right….we waited and waited. But it is a very nice place to wait. I plan on going back there next Christmas. I think it will be great, even if it isn’t really warm outside.


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