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Habayit Restaurant

Habayit Restaurant is one of my favorite Mediterranean and Israeli restaurants in Los Angeles. It’s a family owned and operated restaurant, serving some of the best falafel in the area!

Lucky for me, Habayit is less than five minutes away from my office, so I come here at least once or twice a week.


Since I come here so often I started taking pictures of all my usual orders. On a cold day there is nothing better than some hot matzo ball soup to start off the meal.


If I don’t order soup, I almost always get the babaganush. Babaganush is chopped, baked eggplant with tehina sauce, lemon juice and olive oil. It’s absolutely delicious and is served with fresh pita bread.




I also like to order the combination plate, which is a potpourri of all of Habayit’s salads. Going clockwise from the top, you have chopped eggplant with vegetables, Israeli salad, babaganoush, tehina, and hummus.


Most days I’ll order the schnitzel for my entrée, which is grilled, seasoned chicken. It comes with two sides, and you have a choice of french fries, rice, baked potato or Israeli salad. Habayit’s fries are great!



I also often order the falafel pita. As I said before, I think Habayit has one of the best in the LA area.



My Dad loves to order the shishlik chicken, which is grilled, seasond chicken on skewers.


Habayit Restaurant is located at 11921 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. For information on their menu and hours, click here.



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  1. Great post, but how can the pics make me hungry for lunch when it’s only 10:30 in the morning? I’m gonna go there soon! It all looks so good. Thanks.


  2. Thank you, you’re so sweet! I know what you mean, whenever I’m writing a post and looking back at the pictures they always make me so hungry no matter what time of day it is!


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