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Last week, Sara, Ben and I went to one of my favorite restaurants in West Hollywood: Cecconi’s. I love the atmosphere, the people, and most of all the black truffle pizza! I’ll describe that in more detail later, but brace yourself now because it is the greatest thing since sliced pizza.





Because Ben has a secret member key (shhhh!) we were treated like royalty, and given a substantial discount on our meal. With great power comes great responsibility, but it’s really difficult to be responsible when you’re looking at Cecconi’s menu! So we decided to forgo any semblance of moderation and ordered two plates of cicchetti, one plate of carpaccio & tartare, two pizzas, two pastas, and three desserts. Yesss!




During the meal Sara and I tried to steal Ben’s key, but sadly given my inability to keep a straight face we were caught! Sorry Sara!


One of the things that I like about Cecconi’s is how unique the food is. In fact, the first thing on the menu is Wood Roast Bone Marrow “Agrodolce!” After finding out that it is in fact real bone marrow (from a cow, not a human!) I told Ben and Sara that we had to try it! When else are you going to eat bone marrow, right?


Well… I’m glad that I tried it, but I just couldn’t get past the consistency and the knowledge that I was eating the inside of a bone. Ben felt the same way that I did, but Sara really liked it. So being the kind, giving people that we are, Ben and I let Sara finish the rest!


The other cicchetti that we ordered was the Burrata, Raw Beets & Bread Crumb. We were all in agreement on this one: it was so good, especially the fresh burrata.



As another pre-meal snack, we ordered the Hamachi Crudo, Cucumber & Cilantro. It was fine, but didn’t wow like the burrata.


Still hungry, and anxiously awaiting our pizza, we moved on to the main courses. Ben ordered the Pappardelle, Lamb & Artichoke Ragout, and we all really liked the taste and how hearty the dish was.


Because Sara and I each wanted our own pizza (yes, it IS that good!) we also ordered the Baked Gnocchi Gorgonzola to share. It was excellent! It is a smaller portion, so if you were planning on having the gnocchi as your entire meal you may want to order something else as well. But definitely order it!



Now, for the moment that we were waiting for the entire meal: the pizza! Sara and I LOVE the Goat Cheese, Black Truffle & Zucchini Blossom Pizza. We still talk about it, and are always sad when the leftovers are gone. Truffle is pretty much the best addition to any meal, and truffle combined with pizza is just heavenly. I can’t rave about this pizza enough- if you go to Cecconi’s you NEED to order it!



After enjoying the incredible pizza, it was time for dessert. Sara ordered the Seasonal Fruit & Coconut Sorbet. She enjoyed it, but we had to laugh when she said that she was disappointed with how healthy it was!


Ben and I both wanted to order the Sicilian Cannoli and Pistachio Gelato, but since the three of us each wanted to try something different, Ben and I had to compete in an intense game of rock paper scissors to decide who would be able to order this delectable dessert. Naturally I won, and was glad I did when I tasted the gelato!


Ben accepted his defeat like a man, and decided to order the Homemade Sorbet. His eyes lit up when he was told that he could order as many scoops as he wanted! So he chose one scoop of lemon thyme sorbet, one scoop of blood orange sorbet, and one scoop of mango sorbet.


After we finished our desserts, we left the restaurant full and happy with our leftovers in tow.


I can’t wait for you to try Cecconi’s, especially the truffle pizza! Let me know what you think!



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  1. Great post. I’m going to add this restaurant to our ever-growing list. Can’t wait to try
    the food, and maybe we’ll get our own key if we beg.


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