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A Very Berry Trifle

This blog has really gotten me into cooking; who would have ever thought that was possible?! This time I made a Berry Trifle, and like always, Mom was my superb sous chef. The Berry Trifle is extremely easy to make. Oh, and have I mentioned it’s absolutely delicious?


You’ll need:

12 ounces of blueberries

12 ounces of blackberries

12 ounces of raspberries

1 small container of strawberries

10 individual containers of prepared vanilla pudding

1/2 of a Vanilla Pudding Cake from Ralph’s (or 1 pound cake)

8 ounce container of thawed Cool Whip


Cut strawberries into fourths. If strawberries are large, cut them into eighths.


Wash other berries and set them aside.


Cut cake into cube-sized pieces.



Spread one layer of cake in bottom of trifle dish or glass bowl.

Press cake gently into bottom of bowl.


Cover cake layer with five containers of vanilla pudding and smooth over with a spoon.


Add layer of mixed berries on top of pudding.


Add thin layer of Cool Whip over berries and smooth over with a spoon.


Add another layer of cake and press cake gently down.


Add another layer of pudding and smooth over with a spoon.


Add another layer of mixed berries on top of pudding.

Add another thin layer of Cool Whip.

End with layer of mixed berries.

Cover lightly with plastic wrap and place in fridge to set for at least 8 hours.

And…ta-dah! It’s ready to be served!



Serves 8-10.

Happy eating!



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  1. OMG – I’m going to the market to buy the ingredients and make it tomorrow for
    my friends whom are coming over Saturday night! Thank you for this recipe Sara!! Don’t
    stop cooking, please. I made the artichoke dip and it was amazingly simple to make and amazingly delicious!!!


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