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Lou Malnati’s – Chicago

There’s an endless debate over which city has the best pizza, Chicago or New York. Wars have been fought over less. It’s ridiculous, in my opinion, because Chicago deep dish pizza wins hands down. Nothing is better than a thick slab of pizza, oozing with melted cheese and tomato sauce. It beats skinny New York pizza any day!


When it comes to the best pizza in Chicago, Lou Malnati’s is my indulgence of choice.



When I made my Chicago to-do list, most (okay okay… ALL) of the items involved food. And Lou Malnati’s pizza was right at the top!


I went with my mom, and we ordered a large deep dish pizza, because trust me, you will want leftovers! They will make any kind of pizza you want, but we went with my personal favorite, the Malnati Chicago Classic.



To make the Chicago Classic, Mr. Malnati starts with his famous buttercrust dough. He then layers cheese, lean sausage, and vine-ripened tomato sauce to create the most delicious pizza known to man. Just look at it!



So if you’re making a Chicago to-do list, follow my lead and put Lou Malnati’s at the top! You can find more information on Lou Malnati’s, including their Chicagoland locations, here.





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  1. Great blog, Ash! I’m also adding THIS restaurant to my “Chicago to do list”. The pictures made me so in the mood for pizza (doesn’t everyone love a great pizza??)…and especially deep dish!! It’s so hard to find out here. Lou’s pizza looks amazing. YUM!! How were the leftovers? Breakfast, lunch or dinner? :)


  2. Saw your Gino’s vs Lou’s article as well…good read…next time your in Chicago try “the Lou” and add sausage it will blow your mind. Keep on keeping on. From MN. Nate


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